January 6th-12th 2020 🥳

Flock! It’s a new decade!!
We may not have taken a break from our beloved bar(n), but we did take a break from the updates as we figured most of you flockers were away and busy with family stuff. But now we’re all back, right?
Are you ready to kick off the year with your favourite black sheep?
Before we go any further we’d like to thank everyone who came in over the holidays – The Sheep’s first Christmas and New Years was a big success thanks to you guys!

After our double trouble Christmas we were right in to prepping for the Sheep’s first NYE! The theme was obviously going to be Roaring 20’s, not only perfect for the change of decade but also so much fun stuff that comes with it! Feathers, outfits, the music, the dancing! A big hit that we’ll be talking about for weeks to come!

There in between we’ve hosted a one year in Paris-party (complete with homemade carrot cake!), tried our best to avoid protesters, walked a LOT as this strike seems never ending 🙃, said goodbye to some dear friends (Frida and Valentyne, we’re missing you!) and had a bunch of really fun night with you guys: our ever growing herd of black sheep ❤

So let’s kick off the year with Kat’s quiz (starting Tuesday the 7th at 20h, then on every Tuesday after that!), shall we?

Baah-ye for now flockers, see you soon!

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