Did you join in our very first virtual pub quiz last night? If you missed it, you should still be able to see the full video right here! Our quiz mistress extraordinaire did a fabulous job, as usual. We’re crossing our hooves that she might do another one soon… stay tuned!
Until then, let’s have a peek at what else we were up to before le lockdown kicked in, shall we?


February kicked off with the Super Bowl! We had applied for a special late license and finally got the thumbs up, unfortunately a bit late in the game as the confirmation came through the day before the big game.. so without much time for promo we invited football flockers and hoped for the best! We had a great little crew come in in the end, we cheered, sang along with Shakira & J. Lo and ate nacho plates, which then became a regular feature on our menu!

Flaming shots came back in to style! Anything that could be set on fire, was set on fire. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

We had a couple of fun birthday celebrations, complete with homemade cake, dancing and live music (hi Gael!) 🎈

New drinks were created! Colourful ones, sweet ones, tall ones, short ones. And slammers! February was the month of tequila slammers. Fun, delicious and kept reminding us that we needed to invest in heavy duty plastic glasses…

We planned for a Saint Patrick’s day that we wouldn’t be able to celebrate… we got O’haras beer in, practised our half and halfs, started a playlist, had green hats and t-shirts delivered. We’ll be super-prepped for next year..!

What else? Kat’s amazing pub quiz every week of course, one especially memorable one was the time that Alex guessed our pop quiz question: which two kinds of pasta did we have for dinner? We still don’t quite understand how he guessed both fussilli and serpentini πŸ˜„
February was also Palentine’s day (with tequila slammers, hehe) and Abba singalong night with the Scandies πŸ˜‰
Next time we’ll have a look at what we managed to squeeze into the first half of March, stay tuned for more virtual Sheepy fun times!

Baah and stay healthy flock, we miss you! πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ¨

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