October 14th-20th

Bonjour le flock!

A new week is kicking off at the Sheep and we hope to catch up with all of you! This past week has been full of fun stuff – we now have Yippi IPA (motherf*cker!) for our hoppy friends, and tayto chips to snack on. Salt & vinegar and Smoky bacon 🤤
We’re warming up for Halloween with pumpkins and candles lit every night, the event is up and waiting for your RSVPs now!
After a vote on Instagram we’ve welcomed Laura Palmer to the flock, it was a close race between Laura and Planty McPlantface but ultimately she took the crown.
Yesterday we had Mr Thomas Sacksick in, reading from Albert Cohens “le livre de ma mere”, that’ll be happening again this coming Sunday for all cultured lambs out there.
Saturday night turned in to Heavy Metal mania when our friends of the band Tales of Blood came in after their gig, with their whole possy. Judas Priest, whiskey and beer – a fun night!
We rounded off the week with NFL and woke up pretty tired today..!

But ready for week 4 of wool-y fun times! We’ll be baking, posting our menu of shots, preparing decorations and playlists for Halloween and working on the brunch menu for this weekends rugby games. We’ve added a couple of things to the website as well, on the top of the page you should now be able to see our menus, and a monthly schedule of fun stuff happening chez nous!

Join us, why don’t you? 🐑✨

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