October 21st-27th

Hello little lambs!

It’s been an exciting Monday at The Sheep with some of our Halloween decorations arriving and our new internet box being installed, no more super-long and confusing password to get online 🤗

Today we’re recovering from the biggest weekend in The Sheep’s fairly brief history, we’re tired but SO happy!! With the rugby quarter finals on Saturday and Sunday morning we were blown away by all the sports fans that came to support their teams! We’ve gotta give a special thanks to the New Zealanders of Paris who made Saturday in to the most fun we’ve had here. Who knew there were so many kiwis around?? You guys really made our day!

This upcoming week we’re hosting our very first Quiz night!! The lovely Kat will be our quiz master, it’ll kick off tomorrow (as in Tuesday the 22nd!) at 8PM. Questions will be read in English & French and there will be boozy prizes up for grabs, so bring your cleverest friends and come play with us!
During the week we’ll be asking all little lambs to come forward and suggest movies for our upcoming Spooky movie night, so stay tuned on our Facebook page for that!
On Friday we’ll be waving off a couple of friends who are leaving the barn of Paris, then this weekend is of course the rugby semi finals – judging from this past weekend we’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be a huge one!

As always, thank you lovely ones for all your support, it’s stag-gering to see 🦌🐑✨😉

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