October 28th-November 3rd

Hello and welcome to Halloween week, flock! ✨🥳

One day late, but here comes our weekly update to you, we know you’ve been impatiently waiting 🐑
Last week had it’s ups and downs, with New Zealand sadly not qualifying for the rugby world cup final. The kiwi flock drowned their sorrows in our Society Lager and new and improved brunch plates! The other day we got our first delivery of New Zealand wines, so now you can enjoy a delicious Oyster Bay (along with others) with your Tiki Tourte whilst watching the All Blacks grab that bronze on Friday! Speaking of downs, our amplifier blew the other night, along with a bunch of the lights a couple of days later. Take a breath and call a friend we said, it’s not all glam and parties owning a bar…!

Our darling Kat hosted her very first quiz here chez nous on Tuesday, a big success that will be on every week from now on. Tonight it’s Halloween themed 👻 Thursday is of course the big night, with our massive Halloween feast, we can’t wait!! There will be spooky specials and the bar will be fully decorated, we’re so excited to see your costumes!!

On Friday we’ll be cheering for NZ for the bronze, and in the evening we’ll cheer for Jaymi and Pierson who are celebrating their engagement!
Saturday morning brings in the South Africans of Paris who have chosen to watch the final here with us, followed by some Swedish football on request and a birthday party. It’s full on here chez le Sheep! Sunday means NFL on three big screens, and of course our regular menu of toasties, pies and other fun treats.

Yesterday we had our first ever movie night, can you guess what we watched? We’ll give you a clue: 🐑🧟‍♂️

Now it’s time for us to get prepped for Halloween quiz night, Meatloaf is baah-ing about bats through the speakers and our paperwork is looking overwhelmingly scary. Wish us luck and come in to keep us company! Baah! 🐑✨

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