November 4th-10th

Hello our beautiful flock!

Hope you are all doing well, and that you’ve recovered from Halloween and the long weekend, we haven’t quite 😂
We’ve had the busiest weekend so far in our 6 weeks of being open. It started out sneakily last Tuesday, with Kat’s Halloween themed quiz! We had a good crowd in who competed in spooky knowledge and munched down on our pies and planches. Our friend Marion is our reigning champion, as she’s been on both weeks winning teams! Who’s gonna de-throne her? Will anyone? Come in tomorrow to find out!
Thursday was finally the day we’d been waiting for, The Sheep’s very first Halloween party!!! We spent the day putting up decorations, from 6 o’clock it was go, go, GO! The three of us who were working behind the bar ran around like headless lambs, trying to keep on top of things. We ran out of glasses, ice and at one point our card machine stopped working. Slightly stressful to say the least – but SUCH a FUN night!!
The next morning, when the alarm went off at 8AM, felt less fun… but two hours later we had a bunch of lovely kiwis in for the fight for the bronze in the world cup. We served up brunch plates, bloody marys and flat whites, still with a smidgen of Halloween makeup on our faces. That night it was Jaimy & Piersons engagement party! No rest for the Sheep! A night of love, games and B52 shots.
Fast forward to Saturday, when the alarm went off at 8AM again and it was time to get in to gear for the Rugby world cup Final! Breakfast, chanting and a big South African victory! A really fun morning, and great way to wrap up this years world cup.
Saturday night our friend Eileen had booked us for her birthday party. She brought decorations and cake, we provided kiwi music, pies and Oyster Bay wine.
That brings us to Sunday, and the end of the week. For the first time in 2 months we had a sleep in! Came back to work, still fairly tired, but so excited about this massive long weekend. Also very excited about our little pug-friend Leo, who came to stay with us for a couple of nights. What a treat! He immediately made himself at home behind the bar and had a well deserved snooze.

This week is serving up another quiz night (bien sur!) with our lovely host Kat, the two special sections this week will be Friends and the movies of Will Ferrell! The music section, which was replaced with movies last week, is back by popular demand! We’ve ordered some new fun stuff today as well, so come on by, have a look, a chat and a beer and some sheepy good times with us!

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