December 16th-22nd

Calling all holiday flockers! We’re halfway through December, can you believe it?? 15 days left of this decade…!
The 20th of December (friday!) marks 3 months of our existence, it both feels like time has absolutely flown by (HOW have we already been around for 3 months?!) and also like we’ve been here for ever. Was there a life before The Sheep?
Anyway, enough about that! So what have we been up to this week? Well, we’ve done a lot of walking as these strikes don’t seem to be ending any time soon. Luckily, so have a lot of you guys too! We can’t help but worry that the lack of trains will affect us, but you guys have really made an effort to come out and see us ❤
Tuesday was of course quiz night, with the special section being Monty Python! One of the best turnouts we’ve had so far for a quiz, it’s so much fun seeing it grow! Then most of the week was spent making the place cosy and Christmas-y 🎄
Friday the 13th was a big deal in Sweden, as it was Lucia! A holiday that entails mulled wine, singing, getting together with friends and family, and a pretty morbid history. Read about it here, I especially recommend the bit about Lussi. We celebrated with baking of Swedish Christmas treats, a 100% Scandi playlist and Hot Shots! A thing that apparently is not at all a thing outside of Sweden?!
On Saturday we had a booking for a couple of birthday parties, which is always a lot of fun for us! Everyone comes in all excited, there’s normally cake and balloons involved and just a general really happy, fun crowd. People kept dropping in throughout the night and we had a good rhythm going. Then midnight hit and 50 people turned up all at once, at an already fairly busy Sheep! So then it was GO GO GO for the next hour and a half, until we had to kick everyone out and could sit down for the first time that night. Phew!
Sunday was as usual NFL night, with friends who came in to play beer pong and the odd Mexican Threeway shot! You’ll have to come see us to find out what that is…

This week we’re excited about the years last quiz tomorrow! No special section this week, but all about the year that has passed. So read through some of the years major events, listen to some new stuff and come on over to show off your skills and win some boozy prizes!
We’re constantly trying to improve here chez le sheep, this week has already seen a bit of a change to the centre of the bar, will you be able to spot it next time you come in?

OH! I almost forgot another fun thing that happened this week! We’re in Funkymaps!! So come on down and grab your copy, so that you too can check out the coolest expat bars in the city!

Baah-ye for now flockers, see you soon for more sheepy good times 🐑✨

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