December 9th-15th

Baah, baah! Is anyone out there? Or are you all on strike?
As for us, we’re leaving the greve to the disgruntled French and we’re keeping on, keeping on. The continuing strike has affected us in the way of that it now takes 45 minutes on foot to get to the baah-r for us, rather than 20 on the metro. At least we decided to alter our opening hours last week, so now we open at 17h on weekdays and 12h on weekends! Gives us a bit more time to get set up (and a well needed extra hour of sleep every now and again!), we’re still here pretty much all day though so if any of our little flockers want to come by for a coffee and a chat we welcome the company!
So aside from Parisians on foot, what else happened last week? Well, the strike actually didn’t stop too many of you from coming by! ❤
Last Monday we welcomed a group of peeps from the neighbourhood, who’s friend was moving to Canada. We served planches, shots of fireball and put up fairy lights outside ✨ The guy headed to Canada wasn’t the only going away that night though, our lovely Swedish friends Selma and Joel came in for a last pint before their big trip to New Zealand! They first stumbled upon us a couple of months ago, in our first baah-r babysteps when we had cinnamon bun-mania, so they’ve been with us from the very start. We were so sad to see them go, but we of course wish them all the best and we’re hoping that they’ll come to see us next they’re back in Europe!

On Tuesday we had our fabulous weekly quiz, with the special section being the Norse Gods! A tricky section as it turns out. The theme for the music was covers, you had to name the song, the artist who interpreted the song and if it was a cover or the original! A fun idea that one team (here’s looking at you Kat!) got 100% on 😮trés impressive. Tonight the winners chosen section is Monty Python – we’re excited to see what Kat has come up with for that!
Tuesday was also the day that we hit 500 followers on Facebook! 🥳✨ you guys are amazing!!

On Wednesday the New Zealanders in France-association had their weekly pub night chez nous, which once again coincided with the french cineast group Sequence7. A busy night that had an abrupt end when everyone left more or less at the exact same time to catch the last form of transport for the night! Pretty comical to see the place go from busy to completely empty in the span of 5 minutes, haha. On Thursday our buddies Chris and Kat (the same Kat that hosts our quiz) came in to hang out, with their beautiful doggo Rory ❤ we put on Christmas music, Duncan made some holiday themed drinks and put up our brand spankin’ new dart board!
On Friday we had a big group booked to come in, the Australians of Paris had organised their Christmas drinks here with us! 96 people had confirmed on the website, but we were worried that most wouldn’t make it due to the lack of transport.. but lo and behold, at least 50 made it! A perfect amount really, people didn’t have to wait for too long for drinks or food and people could easily mingle. The organisers had set up a quiz and other games, we had prepared a pavlova and we had Aussie classics playing all night. A really lovely night! They’ve already booked the 25th of January for their big Australia Day Party! So if you’re looking for a sausage roll and some ozzie good times to cheer you up in the cold dark winter, you know where to find it!
Saturday was yet another going away, when we waved off our friend Rebekah, who was off back to New Zealand. We had a few drinks, served vegan banana bread and tried to cushion the blow of yet another friend leaving with a bit of Christmas cheer. Come back and visit us sometime Rebekah, please ❤ it was a fun night though, with people coming in to watch the Joshua v Ruiz boxing match, we were a lot busier than we had expected!
We rounded off the week on Sunday with homemade pizza and NFL on our three big screens, a perfect way to end the week.

Week two of la greve has kicked off and we’re hoping that our lovely flockers keep on coming in anyway – we’re ready to lift your spirits with tasty snacks, bevvies and our beautiful Christmas tree Baah-rbara (as in arbre, get it, get it??)!
We’re throwing a big Swedish/Scandinavian Christmas party on Friday for Lucia – everyone who’s up for Swedish Christmas treats and hot shots are welcome! 🤶🎅

Now it’s time for us to get set up for tonights quiz, hope to see you there!!

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