November 11th-17th

Hello and happy Monday darling flock!

We hope that you’ve had a lovely long weekend, and that we’ll get to catch up with you all in the next few days!
We’ve had a busy week here at the Sheep, we were worried it would feel empty now that the rugby world cup is over and done with, but you guys have kept us company 🥰
At the start of the week we had our little bestie Leo the black pug come visit us. He manned the bar for a couple of nights, snuggled with you guys and added a little chilled out je ne sais quoi to the whole atmosphere. Tuesday night was of course our big hit – Kat’s Quiz night! The special sections were the tv series Friends and the movies of Will Ferrell, the team New Zanada took it home and got to choose this weeks special section: The geography of New Zealand! We also got a delivery (thanks Tristan!) of Paname Brewing Company glasses, so now you can enjoy your Pale Ale in the proper glass.
Wednesday was a big night, as we had both the New Zealanders of France in for their monthly pub night AND the Sequence 7 cineastes-group for their monthly meetup! A full bar with a fun mix of people and cultures.
The rest of the week we enjoyed our homemade pumpkin soup, hung out with you guys, experimented with shots and put together new, fun playlists.
Sunday was a highlight of the week for us, with our very first Sunday Funday! As Monday was a public holiday, we decided to party it up, Black Sheep style 🐑🥳 Black Sheep style in this case meant Hawaiian beach shirts, glitter, 90s summer hits, rainbow shots and beer pong! It was also our friend Sofie’s birthday, we prepared a special drinks menu and party hats for her and her crew, we hope she had a great night – we certainly enjoyed hosting 🤗

Today we’re prepping for the upcoming week; quiz night tomorrow, with a special sweet treat on the menu, Santa Teresa rhum tasting on Friday, a birthday party for 50 people on Saturday (still open for anyone who wants to join, of course!) and other fun surprises – stay tuned, shoot us a message, come in for a cold pint!

Don’t be a shy lamb, join the flock of Black Sheep! 🐑❤✨

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