November 18th-24th

Calling all cold flock members! Time to wool up, winter is coming!

We’re staying warm inside, especially on nights like Saturday past when we had an absolutely rammed bar!
But one thing at a time – this week started with two tired black sheep coming in on Monday morning after Sunday Funday. We were expecting a super quiet day, possibly even closing early and getting the last metro home. But there would be no such thing, we had some lovely flockers come in and it turned in to Monday Funday! The beer pong table came out again, friends were called and we ended up keeping the party from Sunday going!
Tuesday was Quiz night with Kat as usual, this week with rounds such as New Zealand Geography (last weeks winners choice!), French Cuisine and Guitar Solos! On the menu was a chocolate encrusted Pumpkin pie, made from scratch, bien sûr. The baking continued on Wednesday, when fellow Swede Selma came in to prepare a “kladdkaka”, a Swedish chocolate gooey cake. Mmmm.
On Friday we had our first Santa Teresa Rhum tasting! A delicious, warming treat for the brave lambs who made it out through the cold. Saturday started out a bit wobbly, with the Gilets Jaunes taking to the streets. Smoke bombs were going off and riot police ran down our street. Luckily things calmed down quickly and we could proceed to prepping for this weeks highlight – good friend Mehdi’s birthday party! The bar was packed, 80’s and 90’s tracks got people dancing and homemade pizza was on the menu. So much fun that some of us sheep continued on to the Yellow Mad Monkey for a little afterparty.
Sunday was chilled, with NFL on the screens, take out and litchi daquiris.

Another great week chez le Sheep!

This week we’re looking forward to the Quiz, another rhum tasting (Friday at 20h for those who missed out last week, or simply want another go!) and yet another birthday party!

So brave the cold, come in and cosy up with us! Baah for now 🐑✨

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