November 25th-December 1st

Hi ewe guys!

Time for our weekly check in with the flock! We hope that you’ve had a good week, enjoyed some of the sun and that you’re ready for some sheepy good times! Can you believe that we’re almost in December?

Our past week has been filled with beer pong & tokyo balls, a new cocktail menu, baking of quiche, installing of a robotcoupe (for all those tasty dips that come with the planche!), of course Kat’s weekly quiz and a cheeky Sunday Funday to round things off. We also got in an order of Cooneys, an apple-y, refreshing cider straight from Ireland! We’ve made some slight changes to the bar itself, the area behind the pillar is now a bit more spacious. Perfect for when the beer pong table comes out… We had our second rum tasting with Francois from Santa Teresa, the tasting might be over but the rum is still on our shelf, complete with our own label and all!

The upcoming week will be a tad different, as one of our black sheep has jetted off for a few days. But do not fret, Duncan is staying put to refill your glasses and serve you tasty platters & pies! Our quiz mistress extraordinaire is also out of town (even reigning quiz champion Marion is away! The herd is spreading!), filling in for her on Tuesday will be the lovely Linda – so come on in at eight o’clock and give her a wool-y warm welcome!!
Thursday will kick off the weekend with a Thanksgiving potluck, complete with Parisian gypsy swing jazz! We’ll continue on on Friday with a big after thanksgiving-party. There will be turkey melts, beer pong and good times guaranteed! Saturday is birthday-time, with 2 birthday parties booked! As per usual we do not privatise, so doors are open to anyone who wants to join in the fun 🥳
We’ll be finishing off the week with NFL Sunday, bien sur!

So stop what you’re doing, go keep Duncan company and then pick your events for the week! Baah and love from us! 🐑✨

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