December 2nd-8th

Baaah-njour flock!

It’s December guys!! Time to deck the halls and get jolly!
We’ve picked up our very first decorations today, a tree has been ordered and recipes are being pinned left, right and centre 🎄
But let’s have a look at last week first, when we were still in rainy November. On Monday Elin flew off to Sweden for a few days, and left Duncan to run the barn toute seule. While E spotted real, live black sheep in the Swedish countryside, D. held down the fort and planned for a rockin’ thanksgiving! By the time Elin got back and came running in to the bar on Thursday night, suitcase in hand, a Parisian Gypsy Swing band were playing and the kitchen was stuffed with a full Thanksgiving feast! There was a whole roast turkey, cheese & garlic mash, delicious, rich gravy, green beans with rocket & almond pesto, mac & cheese and stuffing 🤤 A superfun night that has inspired us to look at doing live music on a regular basis. Stay tuned for that! Skipping back a couple of days to Tuesday, Kat was away but Linda came out to play! She generously accepted our offer of standing in as quiz hostess and served up a quiz with sections such as Famous scientists, cute animal facts and musicals! Thank you Linda, you’re a star ✨
Friday we continued on the Thanksgiving fun times, with turkey melts on delicious sourdough bread from our friends at Ten Belles Bread (a big hit that we’re keeping on the menu!) beer pong and tokyo balls, the most intense game ever, haha! A rowdy, fun night. There was to be no rest for the 2 black sheep behind the bar, Saturday we had not one, but two birthday parties booked! Thomas, from South Africa, and Maite who’s French but soon off to New Zealand (again!), we love the international crowds we get in, on any given night you meet people from all corners of the world chez nous ❤💃🕺
We rounded off the week on Sunday with NFL & Elin’s homemade pizza. Cheered for the Greenbay Packers and admired our new dart board, not installed yet but hopefully soon!

This week we’re excited for the quiz, Kat’s back and this weeks special round is the Norse Gods! We’re a little bit nervous about le grève du 5 décembre (massive public transport strikes), we’re hoping that some of our lovely lambs will still make it out to see us! Today we’re waving goodbye to our good Swedish friends Selma and Joel, who are moving to New Zealand. We’re very sad to see them go, but we know that they’ll have a great time and hopefully they’ll be back to see us before long! We’re crossing our hooves that transport will be back to at least semi normal on Friday the 6th, when we’ve got a massive Australian Christmas drinks-get together booked!
Now it’s time for us to wipe the tables and open up the doors, see you here soon flock – we’ll be waiting for you with warming drinks and tasty toasties 🐑✨

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